R’ Eli Stefansky’s journey to becoming one of the world’s most well-known Daf Yomi maggidei shiur has been anything but typical. He is the president of Prime Quest Management, but, as he tells us, he spends little time on his business and almost all his time on his Daf Yomi shiur and learning Torah. He describes himself as a “regular guy” like anyone else, but his “8 Minute Daf” chazarah videos and his daily Daf Yomi shiur have gained a massive following and are now watched and heard by thousands of people all over the globe each day.

In this compelling Inside ArtScroll episode, learn about Eli’s fascinating upbringing, why he abruptly left American life to live in Eretz Yisroel, how he’s benefitted from ArtScroll and the Schottenstein Talmud, and why one of his passions is to get people to learn as much Torah as possible.

Thanks to Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, thousands have found a way to improve themselves and their lives. In his new book, Olam Ha’avodah, Rabbi Kestenbaum shows us how to strengthen our connection to Hashem. Did you ever wonder what you are doing here? Why did Hashem put you in the exact place where you are? What really is your mission in life? Olam Ha’avodah will help you clarify this – and more. Like his previous book, Olam Hamiddos, Olam Ha’avodah is easy-to-read, down to earth, and deeply inspiring.

In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Kestenbaum, a master mechanech, speaks about his new book and also delves into compelling issues related to chinuch, self-improvement, clarity of purpose, and so much more. You will emerge from this interview with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh understanding of how to deal with other people of all ages. [Purchase the new book HERE.]

Esther Jungreis was a young Holocaust survivor who became a friend, advisor, confidante, Torah teacher and often even a surrogate mother to thousands: singles and families, prime ministers, presidents and prisoners, and soldiers and spiritual seekers throughout the world. A pioneer in Jewish outreach, she ignited the “pintele Yid” that lies within every Jew. In this uplifting Inside ArtScroll interview, her daughter, Mrs. Slovie Jungreis-Wolff, speaks about the Rebbetzin’s passion for Torah and Jewish continuity that enriched the lives of millions throughout the world, a story captured in The Rebbetzin, the bestselling biography authored by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. Watch and be inspired as you learn more about the life of one of the twentieth century's most fascinating, charismatic and spiritually inspiring Jewish personalities. [Purchase the book HERE.] Watch all Inside ArtScroll episodes at: Inside.Artscroll.com

Day after day. Week after week. Year after year. Neshamah after neshamah, Rabbi Meir Schuster was at the Kosel, the Central Bus Station, the Hebrew University campus, searching for people who were searching for meaning - and bringing them to places where they would find it.
He was the most unlikely of outreach professionals. He was shy, tongue-tied, inarticulate and decidedly “uncool.” And yet, more than almost anyone, he brought Jews - thousands, perhaps tens of thousands - back to their Torah heritage.
This episode of Inside ArtScroll features a conversation with Yonoson Rosenblum, renowned bestselling author whose latest offering, A Tap on the Shoulder, brings us the stories of the young men and women who, thanks to Rabbi Meir Schuster, traded their backpacks for Torah. Rabbi Rosenblum’s fascinating book, highlighted in this interview, brings to life a magical moment, the decades when searching youth found meaning and a “baal teshuvah movement” was born. [Purchase A Tap on the Shoulder HERE.]

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Reinman is, first and foremost, a noted author of acclaimed sefarim and a talmid chochom who has spent his years in the beis medrash. He is also the bestselling author of a classic series of books - including The Promised Child and The Marrano Prince - written under the pseudonym Avner Gold. A talmid of Rav Yitzchok Hutner who later learned in Lakewood, Rabbi Reinman is a brilliant linguist with many fascinating stories and insights to share, which he does so eloquently in this episode of Inside ArtScroll. A delight to listen to, you’ll be entertained and impressed as you hear about Rabbi Reinman’s life and accomplishments. [Purchase Rabbi Reinman’s Avner Gold books HERE and his other books HERE.]

Written by the Chafetz Chaim's son-in-law, Rav Aharon ben Rav Yosef HaKohen, Sefer Avodas Hakorbanos offers a clear exposition of the avodah in the Beis HaMikdash, including all the korbanos. ArtScroll’s Avodas Hakorbanos - Friedman Family Edition contains an elucidated English translation, including an explanatory introduction to each paragraph, notes and diagrams that make the beauty of the Beis HaMikdash services accessible to all of us. This Inside ArtScroll interview features a fascinating conversation with two experts in the avodas Beis HaMikdash, Rabbi Yoav Elan, who in addition to writing and illustrating for ArtScroll leads an online forum relating to the Beis HaMikdash, and Daniel Rubin, who delivers a weekly shiur in Avodas Hakorbanos. You’ll be inspired by their passion and enthusiasm for this subject, as they explain how the new Avodas Hakorbanos makes study of this topic exciting, easier, and more accessible than ever before. [Purchase ArtScroll’s Avodas Hakorbanos HERE.]

He came from a long line of chassidic leaders, reaching all the way back to the Baal Shem Tov. He was the son of the first Bostoner Rebbe, Rav Pinchos Dovid Horowitz. He was a brilliant Torah scholar, having learned at Mesivta Torah Vodaath under one of the greatest roshei yeshivah of that time. And yet in his profound modesty, Rav Levi Yitzchok Horowitz did not see himself as a rebbe. Hashem, though, decreed otherwise. When a small group of his father’s followers pleaded with Rav Levi Yitzchok to come to Boston and lead their shul, he acquiesced. And in the next sixty years, he and his devoted rebbetzin would change the lives of thousands, becoming a pivotal figure in the flourishing of Torah life in America in the decades after World War II. In The Rebbe on Beacon Street, you will read of the rebbe’s wisdom and warmth, of his burning desire to help every Jew who came his way, both physically and spiritually. This episode of Inside ArtScroll features an interview with his son, the present Bostoner Rebbe of Boston, Rav Naftali Horowitz, who shares personal memories of his father, fascinating stories, and uplifting words of chizuk. [Purchase The Rebbe on Beacon Street HERE.]

Bestselling author Rabbi Yechiel Spero has enthralled readers and audiences across the world for two decades. Few people tell a story like Rabbi Spero does, as his style of writing and speaking, flavored with experience, fervor, and humility, make his vignettes a rich resource for all. In his latest offering, Rabbi Spero gives us a new understanding of Yosheiv Beseiser through his fascinating commentary and dozens of inspiring and unusual stories. This beautiful work opens our eyes and we see Hashem’s protective Arms around us, a Father shielding His children — and we are no longer afraid. [Purchase the book here.] In this compelling interview, Rabbi Spero offers his refreshing, candid and invigorating take on writing books, on reaching out to others, on his role as a mechanech, and so much more.

Rabbi Eliezer Krohn’s brand new A Woman’s Guide to Practical Halachah explores many important topics, with a focus on situations that women and girls face in their everyday lives. Topics covered include the halachos of daily living, Shabbos, each of the yamim tovim, preparing and kashering the kitchen for Pesach, the laws of yichud, tevillas keilim and many more. All halachos have been reviewed by Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum. Must a girl hear Kiddush on Shabbos? May she eat before Kiddush? Must a single girl light neiros Chanukah? How about giving mishloach manos? Is a woman or girl obligated to take the lulav and esrog on Succos? How does one light Shabbos candles in a hospital? Which parts of tefillah should women and girls recite? Written with great clarity, with source notes for further study, A Woman’s Guide to Practical Halachah is a book that Jewish women will refer to again and again. In this interview, Rabbi Krohn discusses his new work, while sharing fascinating memories of growing up in the home of his illustrious father, famed author and speaker Rabbi Paysach Krohn.

To purchase the brand new A Woman’s Guide to Practical HalachahCLICK HERE.

How did the 21-year-old newlywed from Meah Shearim form an immediate bond with street kids, gangsters, and hardened prisoners? How did he transform a crime-ridden city into a place of hope, learning, and Torah? How did he begin with 18 boys who needed a home and create a vast empire of chesed for tens of thousands of children? How did Rav Yitzchak Dovid Grossman of Migdal HaEmek become a symbol of Jewish unity, revered by religious and non-religious alike, beloved by all of Klal Yisrael? How did he become a Living Legend? In the following fascinating interview, we learn some of what bestselling author Rabbi Nachman Seltzer captures in his brand new book, Living Legend, showing us the mesirus nefesh, compassion, vision and incredible siyata d’Shmaya that have always been a part of Rav Yitzchak Dovid Grossman’s life. And as we are entertained and engaged by these truly remarkable stories, we will also be learning just how he did it — through the incomparable power of absolute ahavas Yisrael.

To purchase the new Living Legend book, CLICK HERE.

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