The 13 Ikkarei Emunah, the Ani Maamins, appear in our siddurim, and many of us recite them every day after tefillah. And yet … do we understand what they mean in our own everyday lives and actions?
In a new thoughtful work, Ani Maamin – A Mission for Life, Rabbi Yechezkel Elias examines each of the 13 Ikkarei Emunah. Using contemporary examples that we can all understand and relate to, he makes the often difficult concepts contained in the 13 Ikkarim clear, comprehensible, and very, very relevant. Each Ikkar is followed by a section titled How does this affect my daily life?, which shows us how to put these foundational beliefs into practice in our own lives.
In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Elias discusses his new book, how it came to be, and some personal background.
The Ani Maamin Initiative was created l’ilui nishmas habachur Dovi Steinmetz z”l, one of the 45 precious neshamos who lost their lives in the Meron Lag Ba’omer tragedy. Created by Dovi’s father, Reb Shloimi Steinmetz, the initiative has successfully encouraged thousands to say the 13 Ikkarei Emunah. As part of the initiative, Rabbi Elias gave a series of shiurim on each of the 13 Ikkarei Emunah, which form the basis of this beautifully presented book. [Purchase the new book HERE.]

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky has been involved in the field of Jewish education and outreach for over thirty years. He grew up in North Merrick, Long Island, one of six boys, of whom, he says, he is the quietest. He studied at Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and Yeshiva Heichal HaTorah, and for nine years was the Long Island Director of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth. In 1988, Rabbi Orlofsky moved to Israel, where he lives in Yerushalayim with his wife Simi and their children and grandchildren. He now teaches in various yeshivos and seminaries in Israel. 

Several years ago, ArtScroll was privileged to publish Everyone’s Entitled to My Opinion – The Wisdom and Wit of Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, containing fascinating insights and practical advice from Rabbi Orlofsky, a one-of-a-kind phenomenon in the world of Jewish thought. A globe-trotting speaker and beloved teacher, he takes a blunt, honest, always wise and often very funny look at our lives as observant Jews. He finds what’s wrong and shows us how to make it right. He inspires us to reach higher than we ever believed we could, just by doing just a little bit more, becoming a little bit better.

That’s why this special Inside ArtScroll interview with Rabbi Orlofsky is a treat for the senses. If you’ve ever heard Rabbi Orlofsky speak, you’ll know how transformative – and entertaining – his lectures and message are. And if you haven’t yet had the privilege of hearing him, prepare for an exhilarating experience that will show you how to live better, live higher, and be the best Jew you can be.

Rabbi Shai Graucher was a ben bayis at the home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky zt”l for almost two decades, forging a most unique relationship with the gadol hador. He is also a popular author who has brought Rav Chaim’s  teachings to the English-speaking public in works such as his five-volume Rav Chaim Kanievsky on ChumashRav Chaim Kanievsky on Zemiros, Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Tehillim, and his latest release, Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Siddur.

Reb Shai was a member of Rav Chaim’s inner circle and a fixture in his home, serving as a conduit for countless communications with the gadol hador. Almost no one outside of Rav Chaim’s family was as familiar with the goings-on at 23 Rechov Rashbam as Reb Shai was for the last 18 years.

In honor of the release of his brand new volume, Inside ArtScroll once again welcomed Reb Shai, who traveled in to the United States from Israel to discuss his latest work and – with emotion, passion, and even tears – share fascinating firsthand stories and accounts about Rav Chaim. This interview is enthralling, captivating and uplifting. Enjoy and be inspired.

“Without knowing the past, we are woefully ignorant about the present, and certainly have no clue as to what the future will be.”

“History is our rare-view mirror.

So says Rabbi Berel Wein, world-renowned historian, author and lecturer.

And nobody brings Jewish history to vivid life like Rabbi Wein.

Born in Chicago, Rabbi Wein went on to experience a successful career in the rabbinate, while speaking all over the world.

In this captivating Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Wein discusses his newest book, Struggles, Challenges and Tradition, in which he takes us on a grand tour of the many battlefields to defend tradition during the years 1820-1940. Rabbi Wein also shares stories of his youth and memories from his fascinating career. [Purchase the new book HERE.]

One of the kedoshim of Meron was habochur Dovi Steinmetz z”l of Montreal. Since last Lag Ba’omer, Dovi’s father, Reb Shloimi Steinmetz, has become an ambassador of faith, asking people to recite the 13 Ani Maamins printed in every siddur after davening each morning l’ilui nishmas the pure neshomah of Yissochor Dov Berish ben Reb Shloime.

People have responded…and how! With enthusiasm and passion, eager not just to create zechusim for this extraordinary neshomah, but to bring a little more emunah into their own lives, men and women, adults and children, have joined this initiative. Regardless of community, demographic, level of observance or family minhagemunah lives in the neshomah, and for anyone with a Divine spark, the message resonated. Over 120,000 Ani Maamin cards have been distributed to people all over the world.

With his conviction and sincerity, Reb Shloimi has been opening hearts across the Jewish world. Based on shiurim inspired by Reb Shloimi’s initiative, a new book, Ani Maamin – A Mission for Life, has been published by ArtScroll. In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Reb Shloimi gives us a glimpse of the global revolution he’s spearheaded, turning tragedy into inspiration. [Purchase the new book HERE.]

He was a gadol who lived and breathed Torah learning. A member of Eretz Yisrael’s Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah. A master educator who influenced literally thousands of talmidim, from pre-schoolers to respected mechanchim. He was part of a family that included some of the greatest names in pre-war Europe.

And it all started in a public school in Pittsburgh.

Rav Yitzchok Scheiner’s journey from a Pittsburgh high school to his simple Yerushalmi home and the hallowed halls of Kamenitz Yeshivah is a story of breathtaking Hashgachah Pratis, diligence, and determination. It is a story, also, of the dedicated people who enabled the budding math and Latin scholar to become a gadol b’Torah. In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Nachman Seltzer discusses his new book, which paints a vivid and absorbing portrait of Rav Scheiner as an incomparable mechanech, a loving father to his own children and his talmidim, a man of incredible sensitivity and integrity. Through his teachings and personal example, Rav Scheiner influenced many thousands. Now, with the publication of this biography, he continues to teach -- and inspire -- all of us with his shining example of gadlus. [Purchase the book HERE.]

Rav Yisrael Meir Kagan’s Sefer Chofetz Chaim is the foundation of the “shemiras halashon revolution” that changed the way we speak — and the way we live our lives. ArtScroll’s brand new elucidated version of this work, a product of thousands of hours of research and writing by a dedicated team, makes the words of the Chofetz Chaim accessible to all, while notes and annotations bring valuable new insights.

This Inside ArtScroll interview features a conversation with Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger, chief editor of this project, as well as a veteran writer of the Schottenstein Talmud and other Mesorah Heritage Foundation projects. The conversation touches on some fascinating practical applications of the laws of speech and what makes this edition of Sefer Chofetz Chaim so unique. [Purchase the book HERE.]

Gedolim and world leaders. Politicians, spies and soldiers.
Inspiration and mystery, bullets and bitachon.
The Insider has it all.

How did a young journalist create a revolution in the Israeli government - by defending the honor of Shabbos?

What is the inside story of the Iranian nuclear program -- and how is Israel managing to defend itself?

Could a Polish non-Jew possibly be Reb Yisroel’s brother, who’d disappeared during the terrible Holocaust years?

For more than 50 years, Reb Yisroel Katzover has been one of Israel’s premier military journalists. As an observant Jew, he has often served as an unofficial liaison between the country’s military and political leadership and the nation’s gedolei Torah. As a pioneer in the world of Jewish music, he’s encouraged the careers of some of today’s most preeminent musicians.

In this unforgettable memoir, we learn the inside story about the personalities that he’s met, the travels he’s taken, and the lessons he’s learned from a half century of journalistic adventures. As the “ultimate insider,” we hear stories that we’ve never heard before, that we never dreamed could be true.

No one tells a story quite like Rabbi Nachman Seltzer, author of almost 40 books. Combine his unique storytelling talents with a man who has countless fascinating stories - and you get a book that’s part thriller, part secret history, part inspiration - and 100% excitement! In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Seltzer gives us an inside look at The Insider. [Purchase the book HERE.]

Rabbi Yonah Weinrib’s name has become synonymous with elaborate manuscript illumination, combining a wide array of art techniques and media to enhance his exacting calligraphy. An accomplished author and artist, he has published numerous volumes, including his internationally acclaimed edition of Pirkei Avos. Rabbi Weinrib’s illuminations, designs and writings contain a fascinating interplay of artistic imagery and profound research.

His newest volume, The Halpern Edition - The Childhood Treasury, helps us understand the meaning behind the celebration of each simcha, with magnificent illuminations, insights and commentary on birthdays, bris, kiddush, shalom zachor, pidyon haben, upsherin, chinuch halachos, and more. In honor of the new release, Rabbi Weinrib spoke to Inside ArtScroll about his storied career, having been blessed with a gift from Hashem to fuse the two passions in my life – his love of Torah and his love of the arts. He also addresses his musical talents as a noted composer and much more. The interview features images and audio of the various projects Rabbi Weinrib discusses. [Purchase the book HERE.]

Sometimes, it just takes a moment...

  • To inspire and enlighten and uplift us
    • To open our hearts and bring us to tears or laughter
    • To strengthen our faith in Hashem, in His kindness and HisHashgachah
    • To guide us into finding the immense power that lies ... within ourselves!

Rabbi Yitzchok Hisiger knows how to find a great story - and how to tell it beautifully. In his new book, Powerful Moments he shares with us hundreds of short stories, each with its own powerful message. In this Inside ArtScroll interview, we learn about Rabbi Hisiger’s youth, his writing career, some background and encounters, and, of course, how and why he wrote his new bestselling book. [PURCHASE THE BOOK HERE.]

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